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It's Time to

Yippie! It's time for the most iconic part of the home buying process.  Use this webpage as guide for this part of the journey. If you read until the end, you will find a bit about what comes after we get an offer accepted.

Buyer Beware

Please Read

  1. New Construction: If you would like to go to a new construction site without me, give me a call or shoot me a text beforehand so I may register you. If you somehow end up at a new construction site without me and did not contact me, DO NOT register. Kindly, let them know your agent will contact them on your behalf to register you. If you visit a new construction site without me, especially if your register without me, some builders will try to cut me so you do not have your own representation.

  2. Open Houses: If you find yourself at an open house without me, let the agent hosting the open house know that you have an agent.

What to Expect

01. Our First Signature Package

  • Before our first showings, I will email you a set of documents to sign.

  • Please sign these documents as soon as you can.

  • Most of these documents are simply disclosures and are non-binding.

  • There is one binding document and that is the Residential Buyer/Tenant Representation Agreement. This document is intended to establish me as your agent and you as my client. If you do not sign this document, I will not be able to properly serve you.

  • Click the link below to get an overview of these documents & answers to some common questions.

02. Scheduling Showings

  • We will pick a day and time to go view properties together.

  • Leading up to our scheduled showing day us your MLS Portal to mark properties as Favorites or Possibilities

  • One or Two days before our scheduled meeting day/time, I will put together a tentative showing schedule. We can make changes to the schedule up until the day of showings.

  • Try to pick your top 3-6 properties to see at a time.

  • If you can't narrow down to your favorites, consider your Wants vs. Needs. If you still cannot figure it out, let me know and I may be able to help.

03. Day of Showings

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.  Bring a water bottle and light snack, especially if we are seeing more than 4 homes.

  • I will meet you at the first property and we will (typically) drive separately to each home. 

  • !!! Many properties have security/smart cameras around the house. We never know if someone is listening in. So, for that reason, refrain from making grossly negative comments about the home, discussing pricing or offer strategies while we are in or near any property.

04. Making an Offer

  • Once we find a property that fits the bill, we will make an offer.

  • You can click the link below to learn more about what is in an offer and how to review the contract.

  • The seller may accept, reject or counter our offer.

    • If they counter, we will negotiate terms.​

05. Offer Acceptance & Next Steps

  • Once your offer is accepted, we will officially be "under contract".

  • At that point, I will send you a another resource link for the next phase of this journey.

  • Once we are under contract, there are a few things you should expect to do quickly:

    • Order a home inspection.​

    • Submit your Earnest Money Deposit to Title

    • Your lender will contact you... and probably ask for more documents.

Common Questions

01. How long does it take to find a home?

It depends... usually 2-30 days 

I've had experiences where we find the perfect home in one day, and were it takes weeks or even months.  If we are working with a budget, but have lots of needs OR if we are in a seller's market, it may take a little longer. If we have a reasonable budget for our needs OR are in a buyer's market, we may find a home a lot quicker. 

03. What do I bring to showings?

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.  Bring a water bottle and light snack, especially if we are seeing more than 4 homes.

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