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Guide to Joining eXp Realty

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Ready to join an industry-transforming global real estate company? The onboarding process usually takes about 48 hours. This guide will walk you through the steps to become an eXp agent, so you can get started today!

  1. Application: Visit the eXp application website.

  2. Submit Details: Fill in your information under the "New Agent" section and "Create Account". Note: This will be the information you will use to log into

  3. Once you are signed in, you will be in the Application Overview dashboard. Here, you can keep track of your onboarding process.

  4. Go through & enter information for the 6-Steps of the Onboarding process:

    1. Personal

    2. Sponsor - If you would like me to be your sponsor, set up a call with me here! I'd love to be here to support you on your eXp journey.

    3. License

    4. Experience

    5. Financial

    6. Document info

  5. Final Submission: Click "Save and Continue" to submit your application.

Why Choose eXp Realty?

  • Revenue Share Plan: Earn income from agents you sponsor.

  • Agent Equity Program: Get company stock at a discount.

  • Multiple Revenue Streams: Get revenue share without commission reductions.

  • Good Commission Splits: Keep 80-100% of commissions.

  • eXp Agent Healthcare: Access affordable healthcare options.

Associated Costs:

  • Start-up fee: $149 (U.S.) or $199 (Canada)

  • Monthly cloud brokerage fee: $85 (U.S.) or $139 (Canada)

  • Transaction fees may apply.


  • Real Estate License: Active license required.

  • Brokerages: Agents, teams, and brokerages can join.

  • New Agents: eXp Realty offers mentorship and learning platforms.

  • Learn More: Connect with a sponsor or local eXp agent.

The onboarding process typically takes 48 hours. Start your journey today! Helpful Links:

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